The Unborn Flag
Music & Lyrics: Thord Klarström

Solo: Thord

Last night I had a dream, a vision so it seems
I saw the world slowly fading away
I don’t know what this means or if it’s meant to be
But something told me what we have to do

We will raise the unborn flag
To show the world that the time is here
This is the dawn of a new age
So let us rise from the sea of hate

I woke up to a sound, a crack beneath the ground
And everything around me seems to fall
Is this insanity or can it really be
Some sort of message from the other side

Repeat Chorus

Solo: both / Thord / Peter / Thord / both

And now we’re off to war
We’ll fight you ‘til the end
There is no time to waste, "no time to waste"
With fire in our hearts we charge into the night
This is our fate

Repeat Chorus