Gallows End Press Kit

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The GE Press Kit Contains:
Logotype,  Biography, Photos, Discography and Banners
This page will be updated now and then with added and updated material and new things that may be needed by the press.
Layout: Peter Samuelsson
Artwork: Jean Pascal Fournier
Photography: Mattias Holter
Art Concept: Gallows End

Logotype (193kb) White background
Logotype (182kb) Black background
Logotype (302kb) Transparent background

Biography (772 kb) English, Word Doc

Band photo Band photo with logo

Band Photo - Colour (2,03mb)

Band Photo with logo - Colour (2,11mb)

Band Photo - Black & White (0,99mb)

Band Photo with logo- Black & White (1,04mb)

Thord Björn Emil Peter
Colour (272kb) Colour (276kb) Colour (312kb) Colour (274kb)
Black & White (138kb) Black & White (139kb) Black & White (157kb) Black & White (138kb)

Nemesis Divine - June 25th, 2010


01. Nemesis Divine (Trial of the Gods)
02. Soul Collector
03. Kingdom of the Damned
04. No Return
05. The Curse
06. Set the World in Flames
07. Not Your Own
08. Different Eyes
09. The End
10. The Unborn Flag
11. Storm of Fate
12. Riders of the North

Cover - Colour (673kb)

Album length: 60 minutes

Cover - Black & White (328kb)


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